-Repairing, maintenancing, instrumental monitoring all kind of commercial vehicles and truck trailers
-Instrumental monitoring,  parametric repairing, mending of ABS and EBS systems (Knorr, Wabco, Haldex)
-Environmental verification of diesel (green card)

- Magisterial technological test for pickups, trucks, truck trailers, cars, semitrailers, slow cars , international tests in place
-Preparation for technological tests (national and international), all-inclusive boarding, measuring brake-effect, ADR tests.
-Setting tachografs , tests for 6 year-periods (analogue, digital)
-Instrumental error-reading, zero method.
-Pressure tests for vats, other tests and administration,
-Supplying original and post-manufactured parts.
-Downloading tachograf details and digital cards.
-Checking speed-restrictives
-Supplying, fitting and repairing tyres for cars and trucks.
-Glazing cars, trucks and buses.
-Repairing platforms of commercial vehicles
-Rear-ender repairing
-All-inclusive car-body repairing and varnishing.
-Parking cars on a guarded place.
-Park is easy to approach.
Wimmer Trans  Szállítmányozó és Szolgáltató Kft.

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